Weekend Vibes at Pho 79

When you have a new baby. Weeks seems to run into the weekends, then right back into the next week.  Sometimes, you forget that it’s the weekend.  When the weekend hits, I like to make it special and get out and do something we love.  It’s important that as new parents you take time out to still do the things you did before.  Before we had Baby Briana we were obsessed with a new place in our area called Pho 79.  This Vietnamese restaurant quickly became our favorite spot to quench our Pho cravings.

Granted, I am the one in this relationship who is obsessed with Pho.  However, we were referred to this restaurant and my husband ended up loving it as well.  You may think that it’s crazy to be able to enjoy hot soup in the Summer in Miami.  However, Pho is a totally different and great experience.  We were also very excited to get back to our Pho nights and to introduce our little one to one our favorites as well.  She slept through the whole thing, but I would say that’s a good sign.  Normally, she will only sleep where she is comfortable.  Or, I like to think so.

Weekend Vibes at Pho 79All the Reasons we love Pho 79

Fast Service

This restaurant is always busy, but they get you seated fast, and your order is taken by friendly servers, and you have your soup within 10 minutes.  With a new baby, this is a plus, because you never know when they will be awake and fussing again.

Weekend Vibes at Pho 79

Great Price

All the items on the menu are priced good.  It’s an affordable place to eat with the whole family, and the portions match the prices as well.  They don’t skimp on their ingredients.

Weekend Vibes at Pho 79

Soup Size Options

Whether its lunch or dinner.  Whether you are hungry or hangry.  You can order a small, medium or large in your soups.  So, even if you ate a large lunch you can go at night and get a small soup or vice versa.

Weekend Vibes at Pho 79

Thai Iced Tea & Vietnamese Coffee

I’m a huge fan of Thai Iced Tea after my Pho.  It’s such a sweet tea that it is kind of like a dessert.  My husband also got to try Vietnamese coffee for the first time in New York.  Since then we haven’t found a place that has coffee like that.  Well, this place has a great Vietnamese coffee and they make it iced as well.  It is delicious.

Weekend Vibes at Pho 79

Weekend Vibes at Pho 79Weekend Vibes at Pho 79

If you’ve never had Pho before, it’s definitely an experience you must try.  If you have and you’re looking for a good place in Miami, I recommend this place.  Also, If I find any other good Pho spots I will be sure to let you all know.

XOXO, Happy Girl

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