Vintage Jeans: 5 Things to Consider Before you Buy

As of late, I have been really into scavenging/buying vintage jeans.  Vintage jeans can get a little tricky, but the try on sessions can be incredibly fun.  There are so many things I look at when buying my vintage jeans. I’ve done so many thrifts/try-ons and I’ve narrowed it down to these 5 things to look for.  If you’re into thrifting or sustainable fashion, this will be right up your alley.  Both the pieces I styled here are thrift/vintage finds which I love and can’t wait to share more of with you all.

5 Things to look for when buying Vintage Jeans

The Fit

When buying vintage, It’s very important to look at the fit.  Denim has evolved so much decade after decade. If the jeans don’t have any stretch in them, I like to do the sit test.  It helps to know if you can move in the jeans.  I don’t like a pair of jeans that doesn’t move with me.  Lots of older pairs won’t have much stretch in them, but you can sometimes find a hidden gem that works perfectly for you.  For Instance, this LRL pair are a mid-rise, and they fit great through the hips and have a little bit of stretch to them, and that makes them very useful to me. 

Do They Flatter?

When I talk about flattery, I mean do they flow on your body.  Not all jeans are made alike.  Brands today are constructing very differently than before.  So, whether its Levi’s, Wrangler, Ralph Lauren or Jordache you want to make sure the pair you choose flatters your figure.  I bought this pair at a Goodwill, so I didn’t have much say in the style of the jeans.  What I loved most is that they gave my hips room and although they are a straighter cut, I felt like they still accented my curves.

5 Things to look for when buying Vintage Jeans

The Rise

The rise in any pant changed over the decades so it’s important to find one that is right for you.  A higher rise works perfect for me.  I feel like a high rise can really accentuate my natural waste and curves, without compromising comfort.  Mid-Rise can be flattering as well because it still works for my short torso.  I hardly ever go for a small rise because I feel its not made for my body.  When you zip up the jeans you will know if the rise is right for you.

Can they be Altered?

When shopping vintage more than likely you will need pieces to be altered.  So, if you fall in love with a piece, go ahead and pick it up and see if you can take it to get altered.  Just keep in mind that the overall price of your find may go up depending on how much needs to be altered.  Also, when you buy vintage jeans, you more than likely bought them because they had character so be sure you don’t alter the uniqueness out of them.  You want to keep them somewhat the same to their original style.

Side Note: If you are in the Miami area and you need small alterations done, you can shoot me an email…I do alterations. Email:

5 Things to look for when buying Vintage Jeans


Lately all the jeans I buy must be versatile.  I’ve learned to buy more classic style and use accessories to style them up a bit.  Vintage jeans are the perfect opportunity to switch up your style and mix n match pieces you normally wouldn’t.  Most of my jeans can be worn with sneakers to the park, heels to brunch, or for a night out.  I don’t have many pairs, but the ones I have are versatile and I can use them on the daily. 

This Ralph Lauren pair are a little bit longer and I have to wear them with a shoe that has somewhat of a heel.  I decided not to alter the length of the jeans because I specifically bought them to wear with some of my lower heels, which still works for me every day.  But as far as style goes, I can pair them with a graphic tee for a casual look, or a nice silk blouse for something fancier. 

5 Things to look for when buying Vintage Jeans
Jeans & Sweater from Goodwill

If you are thinking about thrifting or looking to buy vintage jeans. I hope this post was helpful and for another great post on how to care for your vintage clothes click here. Feel free to leave me any questions down below and don’t forget to enter your email on the home page and subscribe to the blog for updates.

XOXO, Happy Girl

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