The Perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for your Toddler

As you all know, I am the mom of an energetic and very cute almost two year old.  When it comes to activity time we like to get messy, move around, and most of all get creative.  So this week for Valentine’s day I’m sharing one of our favorite activities.  PAINTING! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft to do with your toddler.  You can let them get messy and creative and just supervise as they enjoy themselves. 

These Valentine painted canvases are the perfect Valentine’s Day craft to gift to all your loved ones, from your little ones.  It’s super simple, and fun for all ages. You can give them as gifts or hang them as decor. Here’s what you’ll need to make this cute V-Day craft.

The Perfect Valentines Day Craft


  • Large Table Cloth or Newspaper
  • Small Painting Canvas (Dollar Tree)
  • Finger Paints
  • Sponges
  • Sticker Letters and Hearts
  • Cute props to create a fun space (we picked flowers)
Valentine's Day Craft


  • To begin, pick where you will be doing your craft and lay down a disposable tablecloth or newspaper to somewhat, protect your space. 
  • Place the sticker letter and heart on the canvas where you want them to appear on the canvas when the painting is done.  
  • Using the sponges or their fingers let your little ones go ahead and paint all over the canvases until their hearts content. 
  • Once complete, let the canvas partially dry, then carefully remove the stickers. The places where the letters and sticker were should show up in white to show the message.
  • Once you remove the stickers, let them dry completely, and hang them or give them as gifts this Valentine’s Day. 
The Perfect Valentine's Day Craft

Briana had loads of fun doing this craft.  Last year at this time crafts were a little difficult, but this year she really enjoyed getting messy and making this cute little canvas for Daddy.  I hope you have all enjoyed seeing how we made this perfect Valentine’s Day fract together.  I would love to see how you all celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family.  Don’t forget to share on Instagram with me @happygirlblog_ and use hashtag #happygirlblog. For more Valentine’s Day inspiration from yours truly click here.

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