Summer Snacks: Quick 2-Ingredient Combos

Summer Time is all about being outside and having fun little adventures with the family, and why not enjoy a delicious summer snack as well.  One of the things that Briana and I do a few times a week is get some fresh air by going on a walk or going to the park. Before we head out, I always take a couple minutes to prep a quick snack to take with me.  I have developed a system to keep summer snacks simple and delicious.  The key to a quick snack is to keep it to 2-ingredient combos.  This makes it easy to prep and store while on-the-go.  Some of these summer snacks are indulgences, but they are mostly healthy, quick, and can be great for the whole family. 

We normally try to get out in the mornings before the sun gets hot.  The great thing about Florida is that there are so many parks and open spaces to enjoy nature and go on a little adventure. You can find a beautiful place to visit every day to get some exercise and enjoy a quick snack. Below are some of our favorite summer snacks I have on repeat right now!

Summer Snacks: Quick 2-Ingredient Combos

Baby Carrots & Hummus

I recently tried this combination while at a conference.  I know…strange, but like I said, perfect for kids and adults.  This combo was offered to us on one of our breaks from our sessions and I have been having this snack almost daily for lunch.  I used to have baby carrots with peanut butter, but I really love the switch to hummus, you get some extra protein and its very refreshing.  Also, if you want to use this for lunches for the kids, Sabra makes mini to go packs of hummus, and Publix also has snack packs of carrots. 

Summer Snacks: Quick 2-Ingredient Combos

Green Apples & Caramel

This combo has always been a favorite of mine.  I started having this as a regular snack in college.  The reason I say green apples is because the sour tangy taste of the apples is a perfect contrast to the sweet caramel.  I buy these packs that come pre-packaged at Publix and you can choose between red or green apples.  If you’re are going on a picnic or serving a larger group, you can purchase the large bags of pre-sliced apples and a little tub of caramel dip instead.  There is nothing better than biting into a cold sour apple on hot summer day. 

Summer Snacks: Quick 2-Ingredient Combos

Pineapple Chunks & Cayenne Pepper

This may not be a favorite for everyone, but if you are a fan of spice this will be right up your alley.  I love spicy food and I grew up with spice on everything.  As kids, whenever we could add pepper, or salsa to something we would.  This is a fresher option when you want something spicy, but its hot out.  I just lightly sprinkle my cold pineapple chunks with a little cayenne pepper, and I have a fresh snack. 

Summer Snacks: Quick 2-Ingredient Combos

Strawberries & Whipped Cream

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, and honestly you can do this combo with any type of berry and you’ve got a fun summer snack for the kiddos. One trick I learned from my sister was to freeze the whipped cream and it tastes like a very light ice cream. It’s delicious.

Summer Snacks: Quick 2-Ingredient Combos

Ice Water & Lemon

This isn’t really a snack option, but I do this with the little one and for myself very often.  I will squeeze fresh lemon into our water, and it gives it a little taste and helps with bloat and digestion.  If you have a water bottle you take with you everywhere try squirting some lemon in the morning in it and it really keeps your water fresh.  Kids will also love the refreshing taste of citrus and water is a must for this summer heat! If you have a fruit infuser try that as well. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week. For more inspiration check out my post on how to get your week off to a good start right here. Stay tuned for more Summer inspiration and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and be the first to know what’s new!

XOXO, Happy Girl

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