Three Ways to Style your Arm Candy for Spring with Gorjana

Today is all about accessorizing and the art of layering for Spring.  I’m filled with excitement because I am partnering with one of my favorite jewelry brands to bring you guys some Spring styling tips on how to layer/stack your Arm Candy for Spring.  Today I’m going to be showing you three different ways to style your arm candy featuring a piece from Gorjana’s Spring collection of power gemstone bracelets.  Gorjana is one of my favorites when it comes to bracelets because their style is timeless, and you can easily layer different pieces together and create your own style.  Their Spring collection is all about the power gemstones and jewelry with intention. So let’s begin.

Three Weays to Style your Arm Candy for Spring with Gorjana

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The main piece I am featuring today is the howlite power gemstone bracelet from Gorjana.  Howlite is a soothing stone that has a tranquil effect on the mind and spirit.  Howlite helps give you an increased sense of calm, inspire creative expression and opens your self-awareness.  This stone has a beautiful white color to it with gray specks throughout.  It’s really a great color to combine with all your looks for Spring as well.  Check out the three ways I like to style my arm candy below.

Three Ways to Style your Arm Candy for Spring with Gorjana

The Super Stack

The super stack comes about when I am in the mood to layering different styles, sizes and charms together.  Basically, to get a good super stack you stay mainly within the same color palette and use the same accent medal to break up your beads.  I love to mix-n-match, and for this Spring stack, gravitated towards the cool blues and grays to accent my howlite power gems.  The key to a good super stack is to make sure that all the pieces flow together and that the stack isn’t too heavy, so you can wear them throughout the day, and with a number of looks.

Three Ways to Style your Arm Candy for Spring with Gorjana

Keepin’ It Simple

Another way I like to style my arm candy is by keeping it simple.  Sometimes I will pair just one or two beaded bracelets with some light bangles and call it good.  This kind of arm candy is really no-fuss and it’s so easy to style.  The key to keeping it simple is just don’t pile on too many delicate simple pieces.  You want to pair about three complimenting bracelets/bangles together.  This style is perfect for an evening look, or a daytime brunch look.  Also, if you are wearing something with a lot of print or flow to it, a simpler stack would be the better option.

Three Ways to Style your Arm Candy for Spring with Gorjana

Good Vibes – #jewelrywithintention Gorjana

Im currently obsessed with any piece of jewelry that carries good vibes with it.  Sometimes I will research which gemstones or crystals pair well with others and create what I call a good vibe set for myself.  For this set I paired my howlite calming gemstones with a blue lapis gemstone.  The reason I paired the two is simple.  When your brain is a little overactive you can use the howlite stones to achieve an increased sense of calm and pair it with this blue lapis stone which will serve to enhance wisdom and encourage honesty in those hectic situations. I paired them with some simple textured bangles and a gray accent piece as well.

Every season is a good season to give off good vibes and great style and what better way to do it with, than with  Gorjana’s #jewelrywithintention.  So go on, #livelovelayer it up this Spring!

I really enjoyed sharing how I style my arm candy and hopefully inspire you to incorporate some good vibes pieces into your jewelry wardrobe as well. I’ve gone ahead and linked all my favorite Gorjana pieces below from their Spring collection, so you can shop all these good vibes pieces right here.  If you do purchase any of these power gemstone pieces don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments how you styled them.  You can also tag me in your arm candy on Instagram and hashtag #happygirlgoodvibes.

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XOXO, Happy Girl

Thanks to Gorjana for sponsoring this post.  All opinions and comments regarding this brand are my own and have not been altered from their original content.  This post also contains commission links via Shop Style. Thanks for all your Support!  

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