Shop with Me: My Favorite Straw Bags for Spring under $70

When it comes to Spring I go crazy on the accessories.  I feel like everything is fresh and new and light and can be perfectly transitioned into Summer.  There is so many accessories out there that come and go from season to season. You can always depend on seeing some fun styles for Spring because it’s a season of new beginnings.  Every season I like to make a list of the trends I see on the runways that I would like to try and find them in a more affordable brand. One of my favorites are straw bags.  Straw Bags for Spring are back in a huge way in an array of styles and colors.  So today I am sharing my favorite straw bags and I have also curated a shopping list of options for you to shop right here and the best part is they are all under $70.  So, for those of you who are looking for a fun new bag for the season, check out my picks to find one that fits your personal style the best.

Why I’m loving Straw Bags

My favorite thing about straw bags is that most of the time they come in a neutral and you can wear them with any color palette.  I also love the variety I am seeing out there this season.  You can choose any style you like, from over-sized, to a tote, to a mini bag.  You can also find them in so many great colors for Summer like green, yellow and pink.  Details on these bags are also amazing.  Lots of shops are carrying different designs that have embellishments.  Everything from sequins, to tassels, to pom poms.  You have it all.  I suggest making an investment in one that really fits your personal style and keep it for a while because straw bags never go out of style they always come back in new ways.

How I Style my Straw Bags

For myself I chose a mid-sized crossbody bag from a vintage shop in Brooklyn.  The shop is called Awoke Vintage and you can shop stuff straight from their Insta Stories, which is how I bought my straw bag.  I can pair this bag with anything.  I can pair it with a nice sundress when heading out to run errands.  It can be paired with a simple tee, jeans and sandals, and out to lunch or brunch.  It’s also a good size and carry for heading out to the beach.  Unless you will be using your bag as a beach tote, you want to make sure you find one with a good closure on it so all your stuff doesn’t fall out.  Style it up in your own way with fun accessories like a cool pair of sandals, some boho bracelets or a summer hat.

Favorite Straw Bags under $70

Zara Straw Bag Favorites under $50

Shop It: My Favorite Straw Bags for Spring under $70

  1. Straw Bag w/ Rounded Handles  2. Black Straw Minaudiere Bag
  2. 3. Multi-Color Straw Tote Bag  4. Green Straw Hexagonal Crossbody Bag


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