Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

Let me begin by saying I love all things plants, flowers, outdoor furnishings, etc… So of course, I was eager to go and visit the Midtown Garden Center here in Miami. Although it was a rainy damp day, we managed to make it and enjoy every second of it. There was also a shopping event going on, so I was able to enjoy two of my favorite things. Fashion & Flowers. I first came upon their profile on Instagram and I was in awe of all the pictures I saw of this place. As you know, sometimes pictures can be deceiving. These however were not. This garden center is one of the cutest places I have been to in Miami in a while. I always love to visit a botanical garden or nursery wherever I travel, but Miami has so many good places to visit as well. Today I wanted to share some of my favorites from the Midtown Garden Center right here in Miami.

Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

Succulents & Cacti

Of course, my first stop was at the succulent booth. There were so many pretty ones to choose from that it took me forever to pick some. My favorite part about this place is that you can choose your succulent, soil, rocks, and pot and you can create your own right there and take it home ready to go. I’m sure you can also purchase all these things separately if you are looking to buy in bulk. I chose three succulents and one cactus to take home and add to my green window. They are home safe and sound and flourishing already.

Our Midtown Garden Center AdventureOur Midtown Garden Center Adventure


Normally when I think of herbs, I normally think of going to the grocery store for them. I’m sure some people grow there own in their gardens at home as well. Here they had a lovely little herb station set up and a large variety of herbs to choose from. They were all sprouted and ready to take home to either plant or use as is. Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

Outdoor Furniture

All around this place there was the cutest little nooks with all kinds of different outdoor furniture that you could get ideas from. It really was set up with such a homey feel. I didn’t get to sit in any of the nooks because they were all wet from the rain. I did however take lots of photos of them for future patio ideas. My patio is quite small but if you have a larger space come of these settings are perfect. Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

Large Plants

Along with the small plants they also had a large greenhouse that had the larger house plants you see everywhere in Miami. I live in an apartment so big plants wouldn’t work that well for me, but their selection was great. All the plants looked well-watered and taken care of. So, If you are looking for a larger space, you need to check out the selection at Midtown Garden Center. Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

Restaurant – Nomade

Along with all the greens and plants, its also a lovely oasis with a little restaurant nestled right at the entrance. My husband and I had already eaten by the time we got there. However, they had quite a good size menu with a great selection of foods. My husband opted for a coffee and since it was my last week before I had my baby I opted for a desert. The desert was three small brownies with vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberries. All I can say is DELICIOUS! Although it was rainy, it was still humid, so the ice cream was the perfect compliment to the day. Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

Florist Shoppe: Zoom Bloomz

Lastly, one of my favorite spots was the flower booth right at the beginning of the garden center. This flower booth leads right into the restaurant and they have a great selection of flowers. From tropical flowers to roses, and sunflowers, and pre-made bouquets. The flower selection here is gorgeous. They will also take the time to put a bouquet together for you if that’s what you want as well.

Our Midtown Garden Center Adventure

I absolutely enjoyed our little adventure to Midtown Garden Center. It’s the perfect little day spot to go and enjoy some quality time with your spouse or friends and family. I loved it. I also highly recommend it if you are looking to purchase plants for your home as well. If you are ever in Miami, you must stop by and check this place out or if you live here you must stop by as well. You can shop, eat, relax, enjoy and take a few pretty things home with you as well. To learn more about Midtown Garden Center and any events going on just Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date.

XOXO Happy Girl

Our Midtown Garden Center AdventureOur Midtown Garden Center AdventureOur Midtown Garden Center AdventureOur Midtown Garden Center Adventure

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