My Bougainvillea Bonsai: Reviving & Thriving

About a month after I had my little one I was gifted a loved Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree.  When I first received it, it was so green, full of life, and had little buds everywhere.  In about a week’s time the whole tree died completely, and all the leaves had browned over.  Although I had watered it and tried taking care of it.  I was convinced that it was dead.  Right around the end of July, I was going through a pretty rough time, being at home alone all day and not having a desire to do anything for myself, or really any time.  One thing I did continue to do was water my plants religiously, including my dead bonsai.

One particularly crazy Saturday morning for me.  Feeling quite down after having a little emotional break down.  I was sitting in the living room next to my husband holding my daughter.  I decided to do what I had done every day and go check on my plants.

Then, I saw it.  I saw a few baby green leaves popping out of the top of my bonsai.  I was so excited that I just sat out on the porch and cried.  It was symbolic for me.  Although it may seem like something small.  It wasn’t to me.  I had kept taking care of my bonsai although I thought it was dead and in fact, it was just trying to acclimate to its new environment.  It’s crazy how mother nature can teach us some of our most valuable lessons.  I really felt in this moment that this tree had given me life again.

After thinking it through a little while.  I wanted to go ahead and share the progress of how I am caring for my bonsai and how it’s growing and thriving.  I have been taking a photo every Monday and this will be my first monthly update.  The top leaves are getting quite long and I will have to begin to prune them soon.  So far, I have been working on keeping it watered, trimming the dead branches, and getting rid of the dead leaves.  I am loving the progress it has made.  It’s not completely perfect yet, but it’s getting there slowly.  One day at a time.

When I say that nature has very healing qualities I really believe it.  During my most down time, my bonsai brought me happiness and encouragement, just when I needed it most.  I hope you will all enjoy seeing the progress of my bonsai.  Hopefully by next Spring, it will be full of blooms again.

Bougainevillea Bonsai

July 30 – Week 1

Bougainevillea Bonsai

August 6 – Week 2

Bougainevillea Bonsai

August 13 – Week 3

My Bougainvillea Bonsai: Reviving & Thriving

August 20 – Week 4

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XOXO, Happy Girl

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