My Top 5 Tips to Master Online Shopping

Let’s Talk Online Shopping! When It comes to shopping I have always enjoyed the ease of online shopping as opposed to shopping at packed malls. I have always been a shop small kind of girl, and that includes online boutiques and shops as well. Being a very visual person, you would think this would not be the case. However, I do enjoy the idea of being able to scroll through items at my favorite shops and being able to choose things that I know will fit my style and not have to go to a store to get them. If you enjoy being in a store and shopping and you have the time to do that, then that’s awesome. If not, then these tips are really going to help. I have been shopping online for years now and I have a few things that you can do to help you shop smarter online. There are also a few downsides to online shopping that you must be willing to accept. Things like, shipping fees, delivery time, returns, and the possibility of receiving items of poor quality or damaged. But, I have put together a few tips that will make your online shopping experience better.

1. Know which items are appropriate to buy online, and which are not.

I normally shop online for clothing, accessories, home goods, and some electronics and beauty products, if I know the brands well. Things I try to avoid buying online are anything that could potentially arrive broken or damaged. These things are often difficult to return to the store depending on where you are shopping. I generally stay away from buying delicate décor, kitchen items, or liquids that could possibly spill or open during shipment. You want to make sure that the items you are shopping and having shipped will arrive in good condition. You also want to make sure you know the return policy before you buy from an online shop. Some shops have a strict no returns policy depending on what you are buying. If it’s a larger retailer you normally have about 45-90 days to return your products if they are defective or you just changed your mind. Many shops may also have free returns, or you may need to pay for the return label as well. You also need to make sure that you have the option to return an item to the store if a store is available near you. This may make things a little more convenient for you.

2. Only shop online at stores that you trust. Don’t try a new store unless you have no other option.

Having a list of stores that you normally shop at is key. Depending on the category you are shopping in, you should know which stores your trusted sites are to shop. If you want to try a new store and you can go and see the quality of their product first, that’s better than trying to shop a new place without knowing the product. When it comes to clothing, I like to stick to the shops that I trust. I have quite a few stores that I know right away if something will fit or not. I can also tell right away if an item will be good quality as well because I have physically shopped at those stores before. However, if you prefer to try everything on at the store first and not at home then shopping online may not be the best option for you.

3. The Size Chart is your best friend. When shopping apparel, know your measurements.

When I am shopping for apparel, shoes or accessories. Many times, you need to pull up the size chart to ensure you are buying the right size. Not all stores run the same size runs. It’s a good idea to know your measurements. You may be a size Medium at one store and a size Small in another. Every retailer sizes things differently so you need to know exactly where you are when you open that size chart. This also applies to shoes and accessories. Shoes often can run too narrow or wide, and it’s good to know how your foot fits into different styles of shoes. I shop for shoes very often online and most of the time I get it right. There are brands that also size shoes differently so it’s good to know what styles you can go up or down a half size. When it comes to accessories like belts, hats, etc. Most brands will have sizing options for accessories as well. I’ve seen this a lot more with hats, and with belts of course you must know your size. For belts you should know your waist size because most brands will have a size chart for that as well.

4. Read the Product description don’t just look at the pictures and always read the reviews

Quality. If quality is important for you, then you must follow this tip all the time. Always, always, always read the product description. Most times the description will give you a detailed overview of what kind of product to expect. Overtime you will learn the different quality fabrics or textiles that are good quality. If you don’t know what you are looking at, then skip down to the reviews. Most websites allow customers to review their products. These reviews can be very valuable to your shopping experience. I have been so set on an item before and then when I read the reviews I completely change my mind. Not everything is as it seems. It’s good to read at least the first 10 reviews of the product you want to buy. Most people are very honest in their reviews and this will help you save your money and shop better quality items.

5. Know which fabrics and silhouettes work for your body. Always read the fabric description to help you make quality purchases.

Finally. You are the one who dresses your body. You know your body best. When shopping online you don’t have the opportunity to try things on first before you buy them. It’s important that you know which fabrics and silhouettes work for your body. For instance, I don’t normally buy an item that seems like it might be fitted and not have any stretch in it. I am a curvy girl and when I wear something fitted I need it to have some stretch so that it will move with me. I normally gravitate towards jersey, ponte, or modal fabrics when shopping for something a little more fitted. When it comes to flowy silhouettes I gravitate towards chiffon, cotton, silk or a mixed fabric. When shopping online you can also see the fabric description and this helps a lot when I’m deciding about my clothing. This also applies to home goods like bedding, towels, curtains, this fabric description will help you make a better-quality purchase.

Bonus Tip: Always add the items to your cart, even if it’s a maybe. Then when you are done shopping go back, and Edit, Edit, Edit your cart.

I hope these tips are helpful and that they help to improve your online shopping experience and save you some time!

XOXO, Happy Girl


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