My 2020 Vision: Seeing Spots

Do you have a 2020 Vision? The transition into a New Year can sometimes be challenging. The expectation that we will set big goals and do everything in our power to achieve them all is quite daunting.  When sitting down to plan my year or write my goals I found myself stuck.  What I wanted was to make realistic goals for myself.  I’m all for the Dream Big belief, but the real world can sometimes be difficult and the meticulosity with which you must approach your goals is a big deal.  So, my approach was to take my time over the first few weeks of the month and really put thought into what I want my 2020 vision to be.

Seeing Spots: My 2020 Vision


One of the things I put on my vision board is Be Your Own Moment.  I really want to stop depending on others for my creative processes.  I have the ability to do things and I have the tools, sometimes I am just plain lazy.  My laziness comes from depending on others to help me achieve what I want.  This year I would like to change that mindset.  In my 2020 vision I want to be able to accomplish my goals without depending on others.  I want to do things by depending on God and the abilities and talents he has given me. 


Trusting yourself can sometimes be very difficult.  One of my biggest problems is second guessing myself.  Most times, I will have an awesome idea and it formulates in my head and I think it’s great.  Then, I begin to look at the difficulties behind it and how it might not work, or what people will think.  In 2020 I want to stop second guessing myself and trust my intuition.  It may not turn out in the end, but at least I tried.

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Seeing Spots: My 2020 Vision
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Which brings me to the nest part of my 2020 vision.  Many people start things and don’t finish them.  This year I want to learn to live with my failures, and when something doesn’t work, try something new.  I have the tendency to just quit and take a really long time to pick myself up and dust myself off after a failed attempt.  This year I want to change that and try to make my turnaround after my failures quicker.  This is going to be difficult for me, but I know it can be done.  A failure is just another life lesson learned. 


I actually have the words fearless fashion on my vision board and there is a reason for that. When it comes to my style and fashion, it truly is an expression of who I am, and in the past few years I felt like I had taken a few steps back from that.  I love fashion and dressing and trying different things with my style.  This year I want to get back to why I enjoyed sharing my style with you all.  Simply because I love fashion.  So, I hope you will all stay along for the ride!!!

Seeing Spots: My 2020 Vision

I would love to hear what some of you have in mind for your 2020 vision as well! Just leave me a comment below and tell me all about it.   To see some of my favorite style moments click here and here.  Scroll down below to shop my top picks for dressing in polka dots!

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XOXO, Happy Girl

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