Mommy & Me Looks for Fall: Pinto’s Farm

One night as my husband and I were watching TV I said, “Hey babe do you want to take Pyun to visit a pumpkin patch this year?” He being the big conversationalist said “Sure”.  So, I picked a place and I made us some mommy & me looks for Fall and off we went to Pinto’s Farm to enjoy some Fall activities.  Although it took us a little while to get there, I was excited for Briana to see the pumpkins and maybe even pick one out for herself. We even talked about it in the car on the way to the farm. 


Little did we know that Briana had different plans for our little pumpkin patch adventure.  So, we paid admission, got into the pumpkin patch, and we went straight for the pumpkins.  I did notice that right as we walked in, she gripped my shirt a little tighter than normal.  By now, you can all guess where this is going.  Briana was deathly afraid of the pumpkins! The minute I set her down to look at the pumpkins she cried.  Despite our best efforts.  We just couldn’t get her to warm up to them, so we decided to give up our pumpkin patch dreams and move on. 

Mommy & Me Looks for Fall at Pinto's Farm


Luckily, there was so may other activities that she DID enjoy. It was not a total loss.  We got to ride the ponies a couple times which she loved.  We also got to walk through the petting zoo and get on a fun hayride through the whole farm.  Briana is in an exploration stage where just walking around can be fun, but she’s also figuring out the stuff she likes and doesn’t like. Every adventure with her is a different experience and sometimes it can be fun, other times it’s exhausting.  But she is enjoying being able to walk everywhere and explore everything

Mommy & Me Looks for Fall at Pinto's Farm
Mommy & Me Looks for Fall at Pinto's Farm
Mommy & Me Looks for Fall at Pinto's Farm


As for our experience at the farm, it was a great one. We didn’t get to do as many of the activities as we would’ve liked, but there was also a hay maze, scarecrow forest, paddle boat rides, a racetrack, pony rides, a petting zoo, and little pumpkin patches throughout the whole farm.  It’s a fun experience for the whole family.  It’s the fall season celebrated Miami-style. 

Mommy & Me Looks for Fall at Pinto's Farm
MOMMY’S LOOK: Leopard Kimono – Happy Girl Apparel | Jeans – Ann Taylor | Boots – Miz Mooz
BRIANA’S LOOK: Leopard Skirt – Happy Girl Apparel | Black Tee – Target | Sneakers – Stride Rite

So, if you’re in town or just visiting check it out. Pinto’s Farm is located in Homestead, FL and has great seasonal events throughout the year for the family to enjoy.  Admission to the Pumpkin Patch is $20 per person and that covers all activities inside the farm.   

Mommy & Me Looks for Fall at Pinto's Farm


I also got a little chance to capture a moment of Briana with her Daddy. She loves walking around with him because she can get him to take her anywhere. It’s really the beginning of having him wrapped around her finger. I am so grateful for both of them and also that he captures all of our moments together. He is the best!

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall season. for more Fall inspiration click here.

XOXO, Happy Girl

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