How to Style your Colored Jeans for Spring

Prior to all the craziness I had planned to write this article for you all on how to style your colored jeans for Spring.  So, I am still going to share it with you, because it’s good to continue to write about lighthearted things.  As most of us will be working from home now, it’s important to still get up, get dressed, and make each day successful while looking great doing it.  So today I will be sharing a few different ways I came up with to style your colored jeans.

When it comes to colored jeans, I only have a few pairs.  I don’t like to buy a lot of them because you really don’t need that many.  The pair I styled here is a pair from LOFT that I found in their sale section and I fell in love with this coral color.  This is one of my favorite shades I have found in colored jeans and the they are a high rise and skinny fit.  I like to rock color throughout the year, but especially during Spring and Summer.  It just brings life to your wardrobe and fun to your outfits. Another tip, if you wear color on a cloudy day it can really brighten your mood. So here are a few ways to brighten up your day with colored jeans!

Colored Jeans

More than ever now it’s important to send positive vibes and a great way to do that is through your style.  I love buying clothing that has positive message on it.  For this look I simply paired a body positive tee with my colored jeans and one of my favorite pair of heels. This t-shirt is from Annie the Alchemist which is a local shop here in Miami and a friend of mine.  This body positive tee is an awesome way to bring awareness that all body types are beautiful.  No matter what kind of good vibe you are sending, shop some of your local brands and spread some positivity in the world. You can spread good vibes with kind messages and beautiful colors!

HOw to Style your Colored Jeans for Spring
Colored Jeans

For this look I kept all my pieces in the same color palette.  It’s not a monochrome look, but all the pieces styled here are all in the pink family.  Not everything has to match but it does have to go.  You can style in a cool way by just looking at different shades of color in your favorite color palettes.  I love this coral pant, so I paired it with a rust blazer, and a cool retro pink Polaroid tee.  Another tip if you do an outfit like this, keep your shoes neutral or do a simple sneaker. I love this look and I had lots of fun putting this one together!


Although we are all trying to embrace social distancing, this is a look a styled for a more dressy occasion.  If you are going on a date, a girl’s night out, or fun Summer party this is the look for you.  For this look I paired a flowy crop top with my colored jeans.  I wanted to keep the pieces simple and accentuate with cool accessories.  I paired a statement earring with this crop top and tucked my jeans into my shoe straps to try a new way of styling my jeans.  I’ve seen this done in a couple ways and I loved this styling trick.  It can also be a cool look if you are petite, it just gives your jeans a little bit more edge.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  Even with everything that’s going on in the world, I hope I brought some color to your day! If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you all would like to see on the blog during this time, just leave me a comment below. If you all style some colored jeans while you’re at home I would love to see your looks! You can tag me on Instagram @happygirlblog_ and use hashtag #happygirlstyle.  Let’s share our style and keep our positive vibes flowing.  For more style inspiration from yours truly click here.

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