How to keep your Vintage finds looking fresh

OK! So, you’ve found an amazing vintage piece at an affordable price point.  This piece is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and you want to make sure it lasts.  So now what… There are so many things you can do to take a vintage piece and keep it looking fresh for years.  Here are a few things I do right away with my vintage finds. 

How to keep your Vintage finds looking fresh

Wash Before You Wear

  • If you shop for vintage items in a thrift store, vintage boutique, or consignment shop… Sometime you run the risk that because the items are old they may not have their original tags on them.  By tags I mean, information tags.  The ones that tell you dry clean only, or lay flat to dry etc…  If you’re fortunate to purchase an item and it does have the tags than follow the directions and make sure you wash before you wear.  If not, hand washing works most of the time.  You can also opt to take it to your local dry cleaners that can help you maybe figure out the fabric or how to wash it.

Replace Buttons & Zippers

  • It’s amazing to me how much a fresh closure on a garment can really make it last so much longer. Buttons are really pieces that can take a piece from looking old to new. When you’re shopping keep in mind that buttons can be replaced and make your piece look more modern. Any closures that are torn or broken such as clasps or zippers can be replaced by a tailor. This goes along with making alterations. So if you find somethings with a broken closure, don’t count it out just yet.

Remove Shoulder Pads (as needed)

  • Remove the shoulder pads.  Most silhouettes from the 80’s and 90’s had some intense shoulder pads.  By removing the shoulder pads from a piece you can actually make it look more modern right away.  Sometimes it’s all about how you style your pieces.  If you are going to opt for keeping the shoulder pads in, be sure they are not stiff.  Maybe change them out for a more flexible modern shoulder pad.  You can find these at any fabric or craft store such as; JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, or a local fabric store. 

Do: Alterations

  • Get your pieces altered.  If you know your body well, then you probably know which pieces will need to be altered to fit you better.  Alterations can be a pain, but they can also make a difference in how much wear you can get out of a piece.  Things that should be altered in a garment are waistlines, torso, pant lengths, etc…  We are all different heights and shapes, and a simple alteration can make all the difference.  Just beware to not purchase a piece that will need extensive altering, because it can get costly, and almost quadruple the price of that thrift store find. 
How to keep your Vintage finds looking fresh

Truly, if you make sure you do these things, your vintage pieces will last you longer. That’s the whole idea behind sustainable fashion. So that you can pass these pieces on to the next generations. Always care for your special pieces in the right way and they will be around for a while.

How to keep your Vintage finds looking fresh
How to keep your Vintage finds looking fresh

If you have any other helpful hints or suggestions I would love to see them. Just jot them down in the comments below. You can also sent them to me by DM on Instagram @happygirlblog_.

XOXO, Happy Girl

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