Hoop Earrings: The 3 Styles I’m Currently Obsessing Over

When it comes to earrings, I have always gravitated toward the bigger is better.  I like making a statement with my accessories…what better way to do that, than with a fun pair of hoop earrings.  When I was younger, I never really liked hoop earrings, it wasn’t until I got a pair as a gift from my Abuela, that I got hooked.  Lately, my hoop earrings are my best friend and they compliment any outfit.  There’s something about a good pair of hoops that makes me feel complete and super stylish.  I am currently wearing these 3 hoop earring styles on repeat…as I’m sure you all have seen. 


When I say textured it normally means hammered or cool textures that are different.  Some of the textures out there give the hoop earring a super Latin or Spanish vibe and of course…I’m all about that.  Yo soy Mexicana, so this style is something I really gravitate towards. The ones pictured here I purchased from Zara a while back, and I wear them with mostly fun dresses or tops.


Chunky hoop earrings are a super cool way to compliment a simple outfit.  No matter the material of the hoops, chunky earrings in cool colors can give your look a fun 80’s vibe.  They also don’t have to cost a lot this pair I found at Forever 21 about a year ago, and I wear them all the time.  It’s all about finding the right hoop style for you and having fun with it.


Simple hoop earrings are my everyday style.  Whether they are small or big, a simple hoop earring style can elevate your look. The great thing about a simple pair is that you can style them from day to night.  You can pair them with a simple t-shirt and jeans look for day or pair them with your favorite LBD and heels for a sexy nighttime look.

The 3 Hoop Earring Styles I'm Obsessing Over Right Now

I’ve gone ahead and linked a few of my favorites below so you can shop some fun styles today.  Wishing you all a wonderful week! For more style inspiration refer back to last week’s post here and tag #happygirlstyle on Instagram if you try any of these styles. 

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