Favorite Flower Picks that Create Good Energy in My Space

Every Sunday brings with it the opportunity to create new and good energy in my home.  My space is very small, and décor can sometimes be tricky.  Fresh flowers can be a great way to revive your space and spread good energy in your space.  Most weeks I will pick up a fresh bunch of my favorites while grocery shopping. When I get the opportunity, I will visit my local farmers market for some fresh buds.  Other favorites for me are Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or my local Greenhouse.  Check out my favorite flower picks and how I arrange them in my home.  Love creating nothing but good vibes in my space.


Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine, they give my space a vintage feel.  I love to arrange a couple bunches at a time in an old whiskey bottle.  Hydrangeas last a long time and come in so many beautiful colors.  These are perfect if you have minimal space to work with.  You can also use baby hydrangea bouquets as accents for mixed flower arrangements.

Favorite Flower Picks that Create Good Energy in My Space


Roses are my absolute favorite flower of all time.  I fell in love with roses when I was a young girl.  Roses can be mixed with so many different flowers and look great in a variety of colors. When creating seasonal or holiday bouquets I love to incorporate roses.  Roses are the perfect accent for gift bouquets.  I very rarely do a solo bunch for my space, but a solo bouquet can be the perfect gift.

Favorite Flower Picks that Create Good Energy in My Space


Spring is always my favorite time of year and Peonies are at their peak during Spring.  Peonies have a very clean and sweet scent and I love to arrange them in a smaller vase and bunch hem all together.  I don’t normally mix them with any other flowers. Peonies are a statement flower and perfect for your bedroom or living room.  If I do mix them with other flowers I like to mix them with greens or a variety of flowers.

Favorite Flower Picks that Create Good Energy in My Space


Recently picked up a bunch of hyacinths at Whole Foods, and I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful they were.  When they blossom, they give off a great aroma, and they work well in the living room and the bathroom as well.  They also come with a lot of green stems that really make the flowers stand out in a beautiful way.  Hyacinths beautiful green stems are so beautiful, and I like to arrange them in a clear vase, to get a good dose of color therapy.

Favorite Flower Picks that Create Good Energy in My Space


Tulips are an all-time favorite of mine and are a great flower to arrange on their own.  These flowers are best left with their long stems and arrange in a tall vase.  Perfect accent for your dining space or bedroom.  Tulips also have beautiful green stems and look beautiful paired in clear vases.  I also find that tulips lose their color fast, so I try to put them in fresh water every few days to keep them fresh and colorful.

Favorite Flower Picks that Create Good Energy in My Space

I’ve been waiting for a while to share my favorite flower picks with you all.  I hope you will all be inspired to create some arrangements of your own and share them with me!  Just put them down in the comments below or share with me on Instagram. Tag me @happy.girlblog and use  #SundayFlowers

XOXO Happy Girl,

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