Embrace your Duality with Reina Rebelde + My 3 Beauty Essentials

Since I was a little girl I have always gravitated towards bold colors and patterns. I wanted to start wearing makeup at a young age just because I loved the colors. If I could get away with a little mascara or a little shimmer I would. The first time I got to wear a full face of makeup was for my Quinceanera. It was very light and natural makeup, but I remember that day vividly. Quinces are a huge deal in the Mexican culture. I am an American-Mexican girl who was born in the United States and my Mexican roots are something I am very proud of. Papi always made sure that we knew all about our Mexican heritage, and we grew up bilingual. Everything about my upbringing was both Mexican and American. I grew up with American traditions and Mexican traditions, and to this day I cherish my duality and my heritage. I think it’s one of the things that makes me unique. Not just because I am Latina, but because it taught me diversity from a very young age.

Today’s post is all about a recent makeup brand that I stumbled upon on one of my Target runs. Reina Rebelde…the name caught my eye, as well as the packaging.  I did not purchase this makeup that day in the store. I went home and for some reason my mind kept going back to that image on the boxes. So of course, I looked it up because I needed to know more. Reina Rebelde was founded by Regina Merson, a Latina Americana who was born in Mexico. She created this line for today’s mujer who embraces her cultural duality and isn’t afraid to show her beauty to the world. I ended up actually choosing three of my essentials. I’m so excited to share the products I chose from the line with you all. I have also used them for a few different looks since I got them and I’m in love with them. This makeup line has a mix of bold and beautiful shades all perfect to create any daytime, nighttime or in between look. Check out the three essentials I chose below and how I use them in my beauty routine.

Reina Rebelde: Contour + Color Trio

Once I have my base on for the day I like to use a contour palette to kind of shape my face and give it some color. This Contour + Color Trio comes with a bronzer, blush and highlight shade. This combination is perfect for me because I have a very light skin tone. I used the bronzer to give me a nice glow and highlight my cheekbones. Then I used the blush to give me some slight color. This coral shade is perfect for my skin tone not too much. And then I finished off with the highlight in all the key areas but mainly on my cheek bones. I really liked this palette because it’s a combo and you can really use it lightly for the day or you can use any of these for a bolder look.

Embrace your Duality with Reina Rebelde + My 3 Beauty Essentials

Reina Rebelde: Eye Paint for Brows + Eyes

Another essential for me is to have a strong brow. When I was younger I over-plucked my eyebrows when experimenting with makeup so now I need a good product to even them out. This Eye paint is perfect for creating my every day bold brow look. It’s become one of my staples and I’m so glad I found this product. This Eye Paint comes in two shades. I purchased the darker shade because my hair is naturally very dark. I’ll take a second to mention that this brow paint color is called the Frida which I love. The Lighter shade is called La Dona

Embrace your Duality with Reina Rebelde + My 3 Beauty Essentials

Reina Rebelde: Bold Lip Color Stick

Lastly, I always finish my look with a bold lip. I like to always have a pop of color on my lips, it’s just a classic for me. A lot of people don’t like this for every day, but it’s my signature look! This bold lip color stick comes in 6 different fun shades and yes, they all have unique names. I went for a classic red because it’s what I gravitate towards. This red shade is called Brava. It’s not a matte so it doesn’t last all day, but the color doesn’t bleed, and it wears well throughout the day.

Embrace your Duality with Reina Rebelde + My 3 Beauty EssentialsEmbrace your Duality with Reina Rebelde + My 3 Beauty EssentialsShop this Look

I hope you all enjoy these products as much as I did.  I have gone ahead and linked all the products that are available currently from the line at Target above. Check them out and get ready for some bold Summer looks.
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