Easy Entertaining: Create a Simple Charcuterie Platter in 5 Steps

I remember my first charcuterie experience! It was life changing.  We were on a family trip to California and we ordered a charcuterie board and I had no idea what it was.  I was pleasantly surprised and have had many different variations ever since.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to create my own, so I really started with the basics and created a simple, but yummy platter.  This is a great option if you will be entertaining over the holiday weekend. 

Start with your Meats

There is such a great selection of meats, but prosciutto is one of my favorites and is a must for this board.  Publix has a great selection of meats in there deli section and they really make it easy for you.  I chose the Italian variety pack that has prosciutto, capicola, and italian dry salami.

Easy Entertaining: Create a Simple Charcuterie Platter in 5 Steps

Choose your Cheese

Choosing cheese is not my strong point, but for those of you who know cheese, brie is a great option for charcuterie boards.  I however chose the swiss cheese wheel from The Laughing Cow.  It was a good pairing and I really enjoyed it.  But don’t be afraid to try something more daring.  If any of you have suggestions drop me a comment below.

Don’t forget your Grains

Your grains are an essential part of your board because it’s how most people will build their combinations. I chose a French baguette for this board and it pairs well with any jam or mustard.  I also chose some multi grain Wheat Thins, they are one of my favorite crackers, but I recommend getting unsalted crackers if you can. 

Easy Entertaining: Create a Simple Charcuterie Platter in 5 Steps

Sweets: Fruits, Dried Fruits, Nuts & Jam

I chose fresh raspberries and grapes for our platter, they pair well with the boysenberry jam and the breads.  Green grapes give a little bit of sweet and sour they are one of my favorites.  I also scattered pecan pralines around the platter for garnish. 

Salty: Gherkins, Olives or Cornichons

I love pickles and olives, and these sweet gherkins were the perfect finishing touch for the platter. You can also go for olives, capers, or really anything pickled.

Easy Entertaining: Create a Simple Charcuterie Platter in 5 Steps

You really can’t go wrong when you put all your favorites onto a platter and share it with the ones you love.  Just follow these five steps and create your own amazing board.  If any of you try out this board or make your own, drop me a comment below.  I would love to hear about it. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends!

Stay Tuned for something exciting coming up on Friday’s post!!! Hint Hint…You have an opportunity to win something amazing!

XOXO, Happy Girl

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