Caring for your Skin Post-Baby + Neutrogena 3-Step Moisture Routine

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Having a baby can really take a toll on your skin.  Especially the skin around your mid-section.  Your skin is stretched, pulled and exhausted after having a baby.  It’s important that you take as much care of your skin after post-baby as before.  One of the main things I had a problem with after I came home from the hospital was skin dryness.  My skin would get very irritated and red.  I even broke out in hives for a little while.  I am slowly getting rid of my hives and my skin is normalizing again.

About 2 weeks after I got home I noticed things like when I scratched my arm, it was very flaky and dry.  One day I woke up and my calves were itchy, and they had little hives all over them.  I also noticed the skin around my mid-section and my stretch marks became very red and dry as well.  Even the skin on my knuckles became very dry and scaly.  Yes, none of this was pleasant so, I knew I needed to try something different.

During the first couple months after pregnancy your hormones are beginning to get back to normal and your body is healing.  I tried not to change up much in my skincare routine, but I noticed that wasn’t enough.  Everything I read recommended that I speak with my doctor and get a medicated moisturizer.  However, I am stubborn, and I wanted to try and figure it out on my own.  I decided to change up a few things in my routine and slowly everything is going back to normal.  I just wanted to share a few ways I was able to help my skin heal post-baby today.  I’m not sure if any of you moms out there experienced any of this, but if you did here are some things to try.

Caring for your Skin Post Baby + Neutrogena 3-Step Moisture Routine

Always Moisturize

One of my biggest mistakes during my pregnancy is that I would forget to moisturize.  Some days I would, others I would forget and just go about my day.  This however did not work for me post-baby.  My skin was overly dry and breaking out in rashes everywhere.  I knew if I didn’t make moisturizing a priority I would have a problem later.  As I realized that the texture of my skin had changed I decided to change up my moisturizer as well.  Prior I had been using skin firming moisturizer, and I now use an ultra-healing moisturizer instead.  I still stuck with the same brand, but I bought something to heal and soothe my skin instead.

I have also started using this body oil by Neutrogena in-shower after I wash, and it has given my skin a very smooth feel.  This Body Oil is part of Neutrogena’s 3-Step Ultimate Moisture Routine that includes the Rainbath Shower Gel, Body Oil & Sheer Oil Lotion.  Using it after a shave as well helps keep my legs smoother for longer.  I was so happy when Neutrogena sent me this body oil to try along with a few other essentials.  This set has changed my showers forever.

Caring for your Skin Post Baby + Neutrogena 3-Step Moisture Routine


Although you are told to hydrate all through your pregnancy.  You should try to keep your water intake the same even after your pregnancy.  I noticed such a dryness in my mouth and throughout my body.  There were some days I was so tired that I would forget to take time to drink water.  Now I make sure my water bottle is always filled and sitting on the couch next to me always.  I still indulge in my sparkling water obsession of course but making sure you stay hydrated is key.  Your skin really craves that hydration post-baby.  It can also aid in keeping you regular after birth as well.

Caring for your Skin Post Baby + Neutrogena 3-Step Moisture Routine

Change It Up

If any of you are like me, you like to keep your routine the same.  I am very much a creature of habit.  However, your body completely changes after you have a baby.  Changing things up won’t do any harm.  If something isn’t working like it was before, try something new.  It’s ok to try out a new brand or a new product.  I tried the Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel for the first time a couple weeks back and it left me feeling soothed and refreshed after my shower.  With all the heat and humidity in Miami not helping my body’s dryness.  This really helped me recover some moisture back to my body and made me more relaxed.  I use it at night after I go on a walk, and It just relaxes you.  Don’t ever be afraid to try something new.  It may end up working great for you.

I’ve gone ahead and linked the Neutrogena 3-Step Ultimate Moisture Routine below.  Just click to buy.  This post contains commissioned links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Thank you for your support.

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