Briana Rae’s First Year Recap and Milestones

Last night after I put Briana to sleep, I found my husband in our room looking at videos of when she was just so teeny tiny.  We started looking at all her videos and pictures and I still can’t believe she is turning one.  Her first Year has come and gone.  Last year at this time I was preparing to go into surgery, and I had no idea what the next week, month or year would hold for me.  We are so excited to be celebrating with friends and family this weekend and planning a fun time for her.  I know…everyone says she won’t remember it, but the first year has been packed with so many memories already that I just can’t wait to record this next one for her as well.  I’ll be sharing more about her birthday party later, but for now… here is a recap of Briana’s first year and some of her milestones.

Briana Rae in One Year


Briana’s first laugh was such a cute one.  It was with me one day on the changing table.  I would always say “milky milkies” when it was time for her to eat and one day, she just thought it was so funny.  Now she laughs on her own and about everything.  I had a friend over for lunch the other day and Briana was in her walker and talking to the fridge and just started laughing.  It really is the cutest laugh. 


Her first solid was rice cereal.  The pediatrician told us she could do oatmeal or rice cereal.  To which my husband responded, “She’s going to do rice because we’re Filipino”.  So, she did.  She really enjoyed it.  Food is a little more complicated and trickier now, slowly but surely, we will get there. 

Briana Rae's First Year Recap and Milestones
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At five months Briana took her first plane ride to Atlanta, Georgia. We were heading there for Thanksgiving (her first as well) and she did great.  I read so many tips and tricks the weeks/months prior to this flight.  The flight to Atlanta went great and she ate and slept just fine.  No crazy bowel movements.  On the way back I did have to change her diaper, but she did well and slept the whole way back after that.  We even dared to go on a red eye flight with her at 7 months, and she did great then as well. 


Briana had so much fun her first Christmas.  Christmas morning, we had a quiet morning and we got to open presents with her family not in Miami.  We Face Timed grandma and everyone else.  Then we headed to the in-laws for some food and fun.  At this stage she loved the sound of crinkling paper and to some extent, she still does.  She got to unwrap presents with her cousin and it was such a beautiful day, and great experience for her. 

Briana Rae: Her First Year


The first movement I observed from Briana was her rolling over.  She was a heavy baby, so it took her a little longer to get these movement milestones down pat.  I remember being in her room folding her clothes while she played on the floor.  Suddenly, I heard grunting and that was it she had rolled over on to her stomach then back again.  After that she started crawling backwards, and one day the nanny sent me a video of her finally crawling forward.  I don’t think she perfected the crawling until about month ten.  She is currently Pulling herself up to stand on anything and everything.  She is also perfecting the stand up, sit down routine as well.  I did notice that she wants to start climbing things, which makes me a little anxious, but we’ll hope for the best, and always keep a third eye on her.   


DA DA…yep that was her first word.  I remember this so clearly.  I was getting her dressed, and I said “ok Pyun (her nickname), let’s go show Daddy your outfit”.  So, I walked her to the bathroom and sure enough when she saw Daddy, she said…DA DA.  It was such a precious moment.

Briana Rae's First Year Recap and Milestones


When Briana got her first tooth it was around month nine.  She would not let us see it for days.  I’m sure it’s because she was in so much pain.  A week prior Briana was having such a hard time sleeping, and she would cry, and drool and you could tell she was in pain.  I had no idea teeth were close to coming in and then suddenly, this stopped and she slept through the night for about two nights.  I thought ok, maybe it was nothing.  Then I got home from work one day and the nanny told me, did you know she has a tooth? I didn’t get to see it until I made her laugh later, but it was adorable.  It was the bottom left tooth. 


I think this was a bigger deal for me than anyone else.  I grew up going to the park and taking walks and just loving to be outside, unless there were bees involved.  When Briana was big enough I immediately wanted to take her to swing and we had our first opportunity at a birthday party in February.  At first, she had no idea what was going on.  We never used a swing on her as a baby, so this was new to her.  After a few minutes she was laughing and having a fun time.  It was cute to watch this experience. 

Briana Rae: Her First Year


We recently had our first pool day/cousin day.  It was so much fun.  Briana had never been in a pool, so I went and bought her a little float she could sit in and enjoy the water.  I really thought she wouldn’t love the experience.  I was wrong.  She immediately started kicking and laughing.  She worked at her own pace though and made it a few times around the pool until the sun and exercise got to her.  It was a great experience to have with her cousin.

If there is anything that the first year with Briana has taught me…and it has taught me a lot.  It’s that, you can’t rush things.  In the world of comparison that we live in now, you must know each baby is different.  Briana works at her own pace, she has her way of doing things, and learning things.  Right when I think she isn’t understanding something, she surprises me.  She’s kind of telling me…”don’t worry mom, I’ve got this…just not right now.  Maybe in another month.”

When it comes to parenting the biggest thing, I have learned from my husband is that kindness gets you further than frustration.  There is going to be times of frustration, but you can’t let it win.  My husband has taught me that it’s always good to step back and take five, regain yourself, and come back.  Your energy is projected on to your little one, and it’s so hard to keep that under control.  I’m glad that I’ve been able to learn so much in this first year as a parent.  It’s been a wild ride, but two…we’re comin’ for ya.  It will probably be harder, but it’s ok because we have Briana’s laughs and farts to get us through it all. 

Briana Rae: Her First Year

I know this was a lot, but if you made it to the end. Thanks for recapping Briana’s first year with me. Stay tuned for more updates on Briana and more. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and click here for some maternity tips and inspiration.

XOXO, Happy Girl

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