BossBabe Q&A + Giveaway: Julianna Dahbura of DECO MIAMI

If you love nail polish then stop everything because I’m sharing one of my favorite local brands with you.  Deco Miami is a Miami-based brand that was born out of a love for nail lacquer and inspired by the Tropical Art Deco of Miami Beach.  For Julianna Dahbura, creator of Deco Miami this dream started back when she was in business school and she launched in 2015 and has had some awesome successes in the beauty industry.  This month I was lucky enough to partner up with Deco and bring you guys an amazing giveaway and get some fun details on the creator herself in this month’s BossBabe Q&A. 

To Enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite nail color is and you will automatically be entered to win.  You can also enter the giveaway on my Instagram @happygirlblog_.  Be sure to follow the instructions and share with your friends.  This giveaway will run from Friday August 2-Sunday August 4 on the blog and on my Instagram.

What you could Win!

One Lucky winner will be receiving a set of 3 Deco Miami Nail Lacquers in the shades: Senorita, Besame Mucho & Lashes Diamonds & ATM Machines.  These three shades are perfect for any season.  I chose a classic red in Senorita, a pretty pink in Besame Mucho, and a retro glitter in Lashes Diamonds & ATM Machines.  Be sure to participate and Good Luck!

BossBabe Q&A + Giveaway: Julianna Dahbura of DECO MIAMI
Q&A with Juliana from Deco Miami

Q: What 3 Words best describe you, as a BossBabe

A: Relentless, go-getter, vibrant! (I let my fiancé pick the last one!)

Q; Why is nail polish your favorite beauty product?

A:  Because it’s a product for everyone. You don’t need to have a certain style or look to wear it, and anyone can achieve picture perfect nails.

Q: What is your go-to nail color?

A: Nail colors are seasons for me, but I tend to gravitate towards neutrals like Cafe Con Leche and I’m Spiritual most often!

Q: How do you come up with the name for each one of the colors you create?

A: It always starts with me wearing the color for a few days and seeing how it makes me feel. There are some colors where I just know the name, while others take more time to mull over. I browse through Top 40 charts, Tumblr, fashion websites, and artsy corners of the Internet to find inspiration.

Q: What inspires the artwork behind the Deco brand?

A: The tropical Art Deco of Miami Beach, of course! And more recently, pastel color palettes.

Q:  When was your first “big break” with Deco?

A: My first “oh my god I’m doing this” moment was when I signed the contracts for a feature in a FabFitFun box. The second big moment was probably getting into Urban Outfitters this summer… something I had aspired to do when I started Deco in 2015! 

Q: As a creative and a business owner how do you stay inspired and motivated on both sides?

A: I’ve learned to enjoy both aspects of running a brand equally. I also have surrounded myself with awesome people who know when to offer support or cheer me on, both in business and my personal life.

Q: What’s the most difficult thing about managing the creative and the business sides of the brand?

A: Some days it’s exhausting to wear many hats, and it really becomes obvious when you’re doing five people’s jobs in one day. Especially on days when you have to flip a switch and go from working on something intense creative to something more administrative.

Q: What’s your #1 piece of advice for someone trying to break into the beauty industry?

A: Have a plan and stick to it.

Q: How do you create a good work/life balance?

A: (I love this question because I’m engaged and have been asked this a few times recently!) Working for yourself is unique because there’s no “end” to your workday. This can be tough on your relationships, and finding balance is all about compromise. The people around you have to understand that you might not always be available and it’s not personal, but you also have to be self aware when you’re blowing people off… and also notice when you need to close the laptop and go outside. The work will be there for you when you get back!

Q: What’s the one thing you would tell women out there who want to start their own business? 

A: Do it, but don’t think of yourself as a woman starting a business, but just as a person starting a business!

Q: Would you ever create a mini-collection inspired by any other city – other than Miami? 

A: I’ve been asked this before and would consider it! Would have to be another beachy place though!

I just want to say thanks to Julianna for answering all my questions and for giving us some awesome products to giveaway! I hope you will all enter and enjoy this Q&A. Don’t forget the giveaway closes on Sunday August 4th at midnight!

XOXO, Happy Girl

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