Asara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 Favorites

As I’m about to start writing this article my little one is waking up from a nap in her rocker.  As with most things I have a very short period of time to get stuff done before it’s get up and go time with my little one.  Right now, she is developing more and more every day and I don’t want to miss any of it.  This means I’m really working on keeping it simple when it comes to a lot of my daily routines.  One of these areas is my skincare routine.  Thanks to Asara I have been able to care for my skin in simple healthy ways with their whole line of products.

I began using Asara shortly after I had baby and I fell in love with the products.  Asara is a skincare line that is based in New York and focuses on maintaining healthy skin both inside and out.  I really love that Asara’s creams and cleansers are all very light and don’t over dry your skin.  When I started using the product I noticed my skin a lot tighter and I felt refreshed after using the products.  The things that are the most important to me right now are cleansing, toning and making sure I am doing 1-2 masks a week.  These three steps in my skincare routine have always been my priority.  Today I am going to be sharing the 3 products from Asara.  that really have helped my skin and keep my skincare routine on track.

Asara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 Favorites

Balancing Cleanser

This cleanser is unlike any other cleanser I have used before.  It’s so light and has an amazing clean fragrance to it.  I use my cleanser in the morning and at night.  I especially love the feeling I get with it in my nighttime skincare routine.  It’s light and refreshing and the exact thing that I need after bathing, feeding, burping and putting my little one down to sleep.  With other cleansers I really feel that they are stripping my face and they leave my skin feeling tight and dry.  With this balancing cleanser what I love is that it cleanses and refreshes my skin while maintaining its natural balance.  My face just feels clean after I’ve used it.Asara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 Favorites

Rejuvenating Toner

Now, let’s talk about the toner! This toner is by far the best I have ever used.  What I love the most about this product and basically the whole of Asara products is their packaging.  This rejuvenating toner comes in the perfect little spray bottle.  You don’t have to worry about using a cotton ball, or a washcloth.  Nope, all you must do is spray a couple times and it leaves your face feeling fresh and new.  This toner really makes me feel great after a long day.  This toner & cleanser combo are the perfect nighttime duo for me and my skin.  You can also use this product during the day, or over your makeup if you need a refresh.Asara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 Favorites

Purifying Clay Mask

If any of you have followed my skincare routine posts in the past you know that masking is one of my weekly go-to’s.  Sunday nights are usually my masking nights.  However, as a new mom, whenever I can get in a quick mask I do.  I really am trying to mask about twice a week now if I can fit it in.  Masking is important for me because I like for my skin to feel exfoliated and new.  This Purifying Clay Mask is a once a week mask for me.  It really draws out all my impurities and has a great texture to it for exfoliating.  I’ve also noticed that when I get breakouts if I use it as a spot treatment it really helps to clear them up quick.  A product that has multiple uses for me is important in my daily/weekly routines.Asara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 FavoritesAsara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 FavoritesAsara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 FavoritesAsara Skincare Review: Keeping it Simple with My 3 Favorites

You all know I only recommend products that I genuinely try and enjoy.  Asara has really improved my skin and made my skincare regimen much easier.  Click on any of the products above and try them out.  You will love these.  Thanks again to the Asara team for sending me over their amazing probiotic skincare line.  I am really seeing the benefits on my skin and I can’t wait to keep using it. #ProbioticSkincare

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XOXO, Happy Girl

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