Animal Print Romper – From Sketch to Reality

In 2020 one of my goals was to make my wardrobe more sustainable.  One of the areas I wanted to focus on was my handmade clothing. I think it’s important that if we have a skill to use it for good.  When I start to design a piece for myself it always starts with the fabric.  Enter, this amazing blue/yellow animal print! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to design in this fabric because I wanted to get it just right.  This animal print romper design was perfect because I don’t have many rompers in my wardrobe.  It’s also perfect for anything here in Miami.  From the color to the fabric and the design this animal print romper turned out amazing. 

Romper Sketch

It may seem strange, that I want to make my own clothing.  I know that it’s a skill that not everyone has.  I learned to sew from my older sister back in college.  From the beginning, I knew I wanted to get serious about designing clothes and so she taught me. Here’s praying it’s a skill that I can pass on to my little one someday.  The process of making your own clothes can be difficult and time consuming, but when you’re done, it’s so rewarding.  So today I’m so excited to share this animal print romper design with all of you from beginning to end.

Animal Print Romper Collage

When it comes to patterning for me, because I am self-taught I don’t know everything about creating a pattern. At times I will combine a self-drafted pattern, that goes by my measurements alone with a ready made pattern.  For this romper I drafted the whole top of the romper and I used an old McCalls pattern I had for the bottom portion.  The bottom of the romper has more of a culotte look and McCalls pattern M7475 can be used as well, if you’re looking for a pattern.

Sketch to Reality

I loved that this animal print had color to it.  It immediately caught my eye because of the blue.  Classic Blue is the pantone color of the year so I was really excited to have scored this fabric. If I were going to wear this animal print romper to the beach or brunch I would pair it with some simple sandals and a hat. I always have my arm candy on of course for any outfit and some earrings. The length of this romper is perfect because I can wear it with heels to go out and curl up my hair and give it a dressier vibe. I’m excited to style this piece throughout the season.

Animal Print Romper

When it comes to finding fabric there is a ton of local shops here in Miami that I buy from.  You should always try to get out there and explore your local shops. I also look at JoAnn Fabrics for my rayon fabrics, and fun prints like this one.  I also search online, I haven’t found my go-to online stores for fabric, but one that I like for knits is Girl Charlee. If you really want to create you can also buy old clothes from your local thrift store and use the fabric to remake it into something fun.  That’s always an option.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  I haven’t shared one of my designs in quite some time, but this animal print romper is very joyful and perfect for Spring.  If you all are loving animal prints for Spring show me! Just tag me on Instagram @happygirlblog_ using the hashtag #happygirlstyle.  For more style inspiration to get you through the week click here and don’t forget to check out my shop for custom made clothing & accessories here.

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