An Eventful Year : 2017

2017 began for me, with a goal to BE BOLD! Make bold choices, don’t be afraid to try new things, and work more towards my personal goals. Not knowing what the universe had in store for me, I made my first BOLD choice this year to stop my birth control in January. After that, I went along my way and continued life as normal.

February, I changed up my look and chopped off my hair and gave myself bangs and literally fell in love with my new 80’s look.

March, I got to collaborate with one of my favorite brands Armitron, and in April I hosted my first solo blogger event with some amazing local bloggers and brands.

An Eventful Year : 2017

April, I got to visit Denver for work and enjoy good times with some of my favorite peeps from work. Also, I finished a design collab with one of my favorite local Miami bloggers Carolina Lindo from I’m Not Sorry Darling. (you can see the design on my portfolio page)

June was a very special month because I got to spend a whole week with my mom’s family in Michigan. Loved spending time with all my sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews & grandparents. Visiting some of my favorite childhood places and spending some good quality family time just relaxing. One of my favorite little hidden gems I experienced with my aunt was a Cider House just down the road from my aunt’s house. If you are ever in Michigan, you need to look up Farmhaus Cider Co. In June I also got to attend BlogHer 2017 with some cool chicks and we had some good times.

July, we found out that my brother-in-law and his wife are expecting their first baby girl!

An Eventful Year : 2017

August, I got to see my nephew go to his first day of school and spend some quality time with my sister and her family. Anytime I can escape and go be with my sister/BFF I am the happiest human being on the planet.

September, Hurricane Irma made some major damage in Florida and surrounding areas and islands. This hurricane created lots of buzz for me at work and my focus was just on recovery and getting everything back to normal at work that I really had no time for anything else.

OCTOBER, about two weeks in, I realized I was pregnant and my life kind of halted and I was in shock for a little while and I am now getting back to my normal self.

An Eventful Year : 2017

November, I got to visit my family for Thanksgiving and tell them the news in person, which was a pretty big deal for me.

December, I am currently trying to figure out what my goals will be in 2018. Also spending some down time with the hubs for the holiday.  Some relaxing time is much needed.

Currently, unsure which direction I will be going with my blog or my designing, but I am hoping and praying for a sign. I appreciate all of you who have continued to follow me all year long on my journey and I wish you all the best this holiday and into the New Year. Wishing everyone lots of cherished moments with friends and family. Many Blessings All!An Eventful Year : 2017

What We Wore

Me: Floral Dress – LOFT  Red Suede Boots – MARC FISHER  

Him: Button Down – GOODFELLOW & CO.  Jeans – LEVIS  Shoes – ALLEN EDMONDS


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