Alice Marie was born out of a desire to share my love of fashion and design.  My love of fashion came at a very young age.  Inspiration, for me, has always come from colors, prints and textures. Often, falling in love with fabric before it turns into a piece of clothing is part of my design process.  Fashion magazines, especially editorials, and the idea of telling a story through poignant images is fascinating to me and feeds my creativity. InStyle was my first magazine subscription, and still a must read for me every month.  Early on I learned that style is personal and fashion is how you express it.

Having an eye for art and drawing and I started sketching my first designs at the age of 15.  Learning to sew from my sister in college, led to my first fashion show in 2008.  Since moving to Miami my focus has been on making custom designs.  I like to design pieces for my clients that are unique to their style.  Style and Fit are priorities when it comes to designing.  If you are looking for a custom piece that fits your personal style and is tailor-made for your frame, then look no further.

Alice Marie Designs