2 Month Post-Partum Update: Overcoming Anxiety and Getting Back to Myself

As I sit here writing this post, my little one is peacefully sleeping in her rocker.  I thought I would take this time to share what’s been going on with me and why I’ve been MIA.  When Baby Briana first arrived, I had no idea that my life would change so completely.  I have really been feeling the change in the last couple of weeks. I have just been using this time to overcome my anxiety and just get back to being myself.

The first month was a lot of sleeping and eating and not much playing.  A lot of visits and help from family which was always very welcome.  I had much more down time to continue to work on my blog.   Now, heading into month three, slowly learning more and more about my little girl and myself.  I think she is also learning a little bit more about the world around her and me and my husband.  It’s all taking up much more time, in a good way.

Overcoming Anxiety

I will be honest.  Month two was not an easy one and amidst a lot of anxiety and down times.  I’ve lost myself a little.  Learning to be on my own and figure things out has not been very easy.  Luckily, I have my husband to help me when he gets home from work.  He is so amazing with our little girl and she loves playing with her daddy.  Trying to work things that I love, and that are important to me back into my schedule has been challenging.

Every week baby is more and more alert and requires more and more of my attention.  I have had to find a balance between making time for myself and focusing a lot of my time on my little one.  It’s not easy and some days I don’t get dressed, or brush my hair, or take a shower until 2 in the afternoon.  I went from having snippets of time to dedicate to myself to just moments to use the bathroom here and there.  These little everyday things really matter.  You don’t realize until you can’t do these little things that they are a huge part of keeping yourself sane and happy.  I know I make it sound like it’s crazy, but I want to be honest.Overcoming Anxiety and Getting back to Myself

Using Mother Nature to Refuel

The last month has been a challenge and I have taken a couple weeks off to just re-group and re-organize myself and figure out what my priorities are right now.  Every day with my Briana, there is a new development, a new behavior, and I want to make sure I am nurturing her curiosity and helping her grow as well as keeping myself a priority.  It really is such a hard balance.  I’m sure that any new mom will tell you this.

Every day my anxiety becomes less and less.  I have really been using nature, sunshine, and walks outdoors to refuel my soul and keep myself healthy and happy.  It’s amazing what just a few minutes outside will do for you.  Although it has been crazy hot in Miami, I am lucky to have a beautiful garden area where I live, and I spend time with my little one outdoors.  She is slowly staying awake more and is more aware of her surroundings and she tries to look at the sky and the trees and see what’s going on around her.  Just yesterday we took her on an outing at Tropical Park in the late evening and she really enjoyed seeing all the trees and listening to all the outside noises around her.  I am a huge fan of being outside and getting sunshine and loving nature and I hope my little one will love it as well.Overcoming Anxiety and Getting back to Myself

Don’t Change the Channel

Although I lost my identity for a little while I am slowly getting back to myself, and I may be sharing a few different things with you all on this platform because my life has changed.  I am learning to love this new role in my life as a mom, while balancing my other roles as well.  Not every day is easy, but my little Briana is really helping me learn who I am all over again.  Don’t worry I have not disappeared again.  I will keep sharing my journey with you all and I will still be sharing a lot of the things you have loved seeing for years.  They say that good things take time.  I think this platform will be even better than it was before.  Soon I will be sharing what the things I’m currently doing to get myself back to normal.  So, stay tuned and thanks for sharing in my journey.

XOXO, Happy Girl

Overcoming Anxiety and Getting back to MyselfOvercoming Anxiety and Getting back to MyselfOvercoming Anxiety and Getting back to MyselfOvercoming Anxiety and Getting back to Myself

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  • I love you both to the moon and back. It’s a good feeling to know that you are back in your old self. Life never the same when you have a little one that you are in charge of keeping safe and healthy. I was very brave when I had the 2 boys and kept me stronger as they grow older. You are one of the few that knows our story. You will become a stronger person and can overcome anything in life. God bless you all and I know Bri will become a better person. Just tell your husband not to spoil her too much.

  • Alicia,
    I am so very proud of you. You are doing a great job with Briana Rae. You are a great mother and, although there will continue to be difficult days, the good ones, filled with all the blessings of God, will forever outweigh the bad ones! So very proud of you and your sister, for the great mothers you are to your children. Love you all to pieces!!