Caring for your Skin Post-Baby + Neutrogena 3-Step Moisture Routine

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena.  All opinions expressed here are my own and have not been edited from their original content.

Having a baby can really take a toll on your skin.  Especially the skin around your mid-section.  Your skin is stretched, pulled and exhausted after having a baby.  It’s important that you take as much care of your skin after post-baby as before.  One of the main things I had a problem with after I came home from the hospital was skin dryness.  My skin would get very irritated and red.  I even broke out in hives for a little while.  I am slowly getting rid of my hives and my skin is normalizing again.

About 2 weeks after I got home I noticed things like when I scratched my arm, it was very flaky and dry.  One day I woke up and my calves were itchy, and they had little hives all over them.  I also noticed the skin around my mid-section and my stretch marks became very red and dry as well.  Even the skin on my knuckles became very dry and scaly.  Yes, none of this was pleasant so, I knew I needed to try something different.

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Elevate your Summer Wardrobe with Vintage Pieces

Whoever made up the saying “Oldie but Goodie” really knew what they were talking about. I have always been a lover of re-styling my wardrobe in different ways. One of the ways I like to keep my wardrobe unique is by adding vintage pieces to it. I get such joy out of finding a vintage

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Shop with Me: Palm Leaf Jewelry

It’s time for a new Shop with Me post guys! Today I’ve put together a shopping guide all about Palm Leaf Jewelry and some of my favorites to shop right now! When I see a trend, I would like to try I normally search high and low for the perfect piece in this trend. Palm

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My Top 5 Tips to Master Online Shopping

Let’s Talk Online Shopping! When It comes to shopping I have always enjoyed the ease of online shopping as opposed to shopping at packed malls. I have always been a shop small kind of girl, and that includes online boutiques and shops as well. Being a very visual person, you would think this would not

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Baby Briana’s Desert Dinosaur Nursery Reveal

Today’s the day! It’s time for Baby Briana’s nursery reveal. I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you all today! I know I have been saying for a while that I would be doing a nursery reveal. The nursery wasn’t quite complete, and I wanted to show it when it was complete. I’m

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